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Natural Leaders
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A gardener at heart
Rebecca James Gadberry, cosmetic chemist

Rebecca James Gadberry's Beautifying Advice

Protect your skin's natural moisture barrier.
Start your daily skin-care regimen with a gentle cleanser (one that won't leave skin feeling tight, a sign that the barrier has been disrupted).

Look for moisturizers with lipids,
ceramides and essential fatty acids. These can help maintain skin's natural moisture barrier, thus preventing water loss, says Gadberry.

Protect your skin from inflammation.
Gadberry prefers plant-derived anti-inflammatory ingredients like aloe and lavender, or PLA2, a compound that helps buffer damage from everyday exposure to wind and sun and is found in Estee Lauder's Verite sensitive skin-care line ($22.50-$60; esteelauder.com). Another skin-soother: white tea. Find it in Origins A Perfect World White Tea Skin Guardian ($47), for the face; A Perfect World for Eyes ($25); and A Perfect World hydrating body lotion ($25; all at origins.com).

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