Quick Beauty Tips: 5 Sexy New Hair Ideas


New Hairstyle #4: Close Crop with Waves

Carey Muligan knows how to work her pixie cut on the red carpet. Here's how to dress up your short hairstyle:

1. Work a palm-size dollop of gel into wet hair. We like Pantene Pro-V Medium-Thick Hair Solutions Smooth Definition Gel ($4; at drugstores).

2. Make a deep side part, choosing the side your hair tends to naturally fall to. Then use your hand as a guide: Place it on your head horizontally with fingers spread wide, so there's space to create ripples. Rake a comb like Ricky's No-Frizz Dry-Cut Comb ($6; rickysnyc.com) toward your part and repeat between each finger. Remove your hand and allow hair to air-dry. The less you touch it, the better.

3. Finish this sexy hairstyle with a mist of Redken Workforce 09 Flexible Spray ($15; redken.com).

Stylist tip: Use a water-based styling gel so curly hair won't look "crispy".

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