A stay-dry tee With the evolution of breathable, sweat-wicking fabrics, this closet staple keeps skin dry so you're cooler during workouts. Look for those with antimicrobial fabrics, too, which can help prevent sweaty, post-workout aroma. And always opt for bright colors (other than white) to help boost your mood, confidence—and your desire to work out. Our tip: Have plenty on hand for frequent workouts.

The gym-to-street shoe Don't underestimate the power of cool-looking and comfortable sneakers. A flexible yet supportive fit with a cushioned sole, and a ventilated outsole, keeps feet comfortable and fashionable throughout the day—no matter whether you're on an afternoon power walk or heading about town for your daily or weekly errands.

An all-around parka A streamlined "soft-shell" jacket is lightweight and breathable but protects you from wind, snow and rain. Wear it to yoga class, for an outdoor jog or just running around on weekends. In the winter, if you add layers of fleece underneath it for core warmth, you won't need to bother with a huge, bulky overcoat.

A supportive bra You need at least five of these (or one for every day of the week on which you work out). Replace them every year—stretched-out fabric won't give you the support and figure flattery you need for a smooth, jiggle-free silhouette. Pick fun colors if you don't plan to wear a T-shirt over it.

Comfy lounge pants Who doesn't love coming home to a pair? In fabrics like terry cloth, cotton or velour, you can pull them on for yoga or wear them to the grocery store (with a pair of comfy shoes) without feeling sweatpants-sloppy.

Music to go Mix up your workouts with a take-everywhere MP3 player. Carry it to the gym, the track or wherever you normally go to work up a sweat—to play your most inspiring tunes. It's sure to motivate you to run, jump and boogie to your best body. Click here to get Shape's playlists.

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