Supermodels' Swimsuit-Ready Secrets

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Supermodels' Swimsuit-Ready Secrets

Indulge in moderation
Even supermodels splurge—but in moderation. "I'd say I'm 80 percent organic and 20 percent indulgent," admits Miranda. She loves juicing (blending spinach, carrots, beets, and ginger) and indulges in a good steak when she's feeling run down.

Try this to nix puffiness
What about those days when the last thing you want to do is slip on a suit? When Alessandra feels puffy, her strategy is to avoid carbs and load up on fruit, salad, lean meat (like chicken), and tons of water. Her secret weapon: fresh watermelon juice.

Let your mind take the lead
When it comes to body confidence, Miranda is a big proponent of mind over matter. "Sure, it's easy for me to say that as a model, but whoever you are, you can choose to focus on your best assets," says Miranda. "Embrace what you've got. Acceptance gives off good energy, and there isn't a person alive who isn't attracted to that. A fabulous suit and a touch of self-tanner don't hurt either!"

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