Top 7 Hair Trends from New York Fashion Week 2011

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Fashion Week Hair

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Top 7 Hair Trends from New York Fashion Week 2011

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New York Fashion Week Hair Stylist Secret: Pump Up the Volume
The bouffant is back—and bigger than ever. Backstage at Ruffian, hair stylist Neil Moodie added a modern twist to this old Hollywood updo. "I was inspired by Ginger Rogers' morning look… like she's been up all night having fun with Fred Astaire," he says.

Get the look: While you may not wear this runway look to happy hour, you can steal this pro stylist's secret for adding a little oomph to any updo. Niel put Bb. Texture in the models' towel-dried hair before blasting it with the hair dryer. Then, he worked the product in with his hands. "You'll find that the hair takes shape," he says. "I love using [Texture] around the hair line to add extra volume and to avoid looking too prissy and polished." Plus, since Bb. Texture is made of a combination of products, it eliminates the need for multiple bottles.

Best hair product for the job: Bb. Texture ($26; Available March 1, 2011)

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