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Top Foods--And Best Beauty Products Made with Them--For Healthy Hair and Good Skin-2Healthy Hair and Good Skin Food #2: Brown Rice
Nutritionists sing this whole grain's praises because of its disease-fighting nutrients (vitamin E and fiber), but for beauty experts, brown rice gets props for its hydrating powers. "A humectant, it attracts moisture to your skin," says Murad, "swelling dehydrated cells and making you look younger."

Best beauty products with brown rice: One brown rice beauty product, Payot Design Lift Regard Triple Performance Eye Cream, ($59) plumps and smoothes crow's feet. "It's also an excellent exfoliant," says Henriksen. "Scrubs with brown rice remove dead cells without stripping skin of its natural oils." Try MD Skincare Antioxidant Enzyme Buff ($29), a body slougher that leaves skin feeling silky.

HEALTHY DESSERT: Try this brown rice pudding recipe.

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