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Top Foods--And Best Beauty Products Made with Them--For Healthy Hair and Good Skin-2Healthy Hair and Good Skin Food #6: Beets
This root veggie is more than a colorful side dish; beets are loaded with zinc and vitamin C—nutrients that boost the immune system and the production of skin-firming tissues collagen and elastin.

Best beauty products with beets:
Organic Skin Care Blackthorn Toner ($54) combines beet-derived vitamin C with soothing blackthorn berries, making it effective for tightening pores and softening fine lines for those with easily-irritated skin. Beets also lend their skin-smoothing effects to scrubs like O!Sentials Pomegranate Sorbet Body Scrub ($23), pictured here. In Burt's Bees Super Shiny Grapefruit and Sugar Beet Shampoo ($8; at drugstores), the veggie's extracts repair damaged hair.

<a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" target="_blank'>RECIPE: Roasted beets with honey-horseradish dressing.</A>

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