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Top Foods--And Best Beauty Products Made with Them--For Healthy Hair and Good Skin-2Healthy Hair and Good Skin Food #8: Coconut
Many hand soaps, facial cleansers and shampoos are swapping in gentle coconut-derived sudsing agents instead of harsher ones like sodium laurel sulfate. "They break down dirt and oils, but won't strip hair color or skin moisture," says Vermén M. Verallo-Rowell, M.D., author of RX: Coconuts! (The Perfect Health Nut).

Best beauty products with coconut:
Try Malie Organics Coconut Vanilla Body Wash ($28). "Coconut oil is easily absorbed by skin cells because it mimics the fatty acids found in the natural oils of your body," she says. "Yet coconut oil won't clog pores the way some synthetic hydrators can." Two beauty products to check out are J.R. Watkins Naturals Shea Butter Body Cream ($10), and L'Oréal Professionel Masque Cacao ($33), a hair treatment with coconut oil that will nourish your locks without weighing them down.

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