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Charlize Theron's Top 3 Beauty Secrets

We talked with the stunning star's makeup guru, Emilio Uribe.

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5 Tips to Find the Perfect Sports Bra

And why it might mean the difference between a good and great workout.

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4 Gross Things You Shouldn't Do with Your Gym Bag

And how to keep it clean

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6 No-Fuss Summer Hairstyles

Try these celeb-inspired ‘dos that won’t fall flat in the heat.

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What Your Nail Polish Says About You

From classic red to crazy designs, nails can tell a lot about a person.

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“What I Love About My Body”

10 women who rock from the plus-size fashion industry.

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6 Health Threats Hiding in Your Makeup Bag

Find out where germs, chemicals, & allergens love lurking the most.

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What Your Gym Bag Says About You

From yoga totes to sports sacks, we get PURSE-onal with every fit chick’s fave accessory.

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Best Swimsuits to Flatter Your Figure

10 spectacular silhouettes with savvy tips for every body type.

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