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The Best Hair Accessories for Your Workout

From barrettes to sweat bands to swim caps, we found the best hair accessories to power through your workout without a single hair in your face.

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8 Ways to Look Younger Now!

Worried about wrinkles, dullness, brown spots, and sagging skin? Stop—it causes lines! Instead, take action by talking to your doctor about in-office treatments that can help you face your 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s with confidence.

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11 Face Products for Flawless Skin

From face wash to serum to sunscreen, these powerful products may have you going makeup free.

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The Best Body Products Money Can Buy

Everything you need for silky-smooth skin from head to toe.

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Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Treatments Stars Live By

Learn about all the celebrity plastic surgery trends and see which stars swear by botox.

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Top 5 Foods For Beautiful Skin

Fight five common skin conditions with what you put on your plate and into your body.

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Top 5 Most Popular Plastic Surgery Treatments

Plastic surgery is on the rise for celebrities. Here are the top five plastic surgery treatments.

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14 Best Beauty Products for Couples to Share

YourTango users share the top his and hers beauty products for couples to share. Add these to your beauty product arsenal to save money and precious space in the bathroom!

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How to Get Clear Skin and Keep it Healthy

Keep healthy skin looking good and get clear skin if it isn’t already!