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FDA Approves New Treatment for Acne Scarring

Teenage acne scars still haunting you? Eliminate blemishes for good

Nordstrom Launches Pop-Up Fitness Boutiques

The department store's in-house fitness line gets a makeover with the launch of all new athletic apparel and gear.

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This One Change Will Transform Your Skin and Hair

Changing your shower filter could be the single best thing you do for your hair and skin in 2015. Here’s why.

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How to Get the Smoothest Shave Down There

Consider this your step-by-step guide to never getting razor burn again.

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Five Must-Have Post-Pool Beauty Products

Go from waterlogged to picture-perfect in minutes with this post-pool beauty routine from Olympic medalist Dara Torres.

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H&M Sport Launched New Workout Collection

Check out our favorite pieces from their new workout line

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How to Apply Foundation for Flawless, Even Skin

This quick trick makes applying foundation a snap.

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4 Straight Hair Problems—Solved!

From humid weather to an intense workout session, we've got the straight hair solution for every frizz-filled dilemma.

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3 Products for a 'No-Makeup' Look at the Gym

GLAMSQUAD shares three easy makeup products for a natural, no-makeup look that will hold up during your sweat session.

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