"Just try it, what's the worst that can happen? You won't like it and then you try something else?" Those words are still fresh in my mind, even though they were said to me more than a dozen years ago. It was the night before I started an internship at a local television station in Albany, NY, and that was my mom's response after I exclaimed to her, "But I don't even like the news!" I'm grateful I listened, because after I completed that internship, I spent four amazing years honing my journalism skills at that very station.

Now, as a published author, television correspondent, and stylist, I am giving out my own career advice to the many students and young women I speak to at various college classes and appearances. Something I always tell them? Always carry flats in your bag and check the bad attitude at the door. The point is that while you may not have walked in another woman's shoes, you can still learn from her steps (or missteps).

We reached out to 23 successful women from all walks of life and chosen career paths and asked them to share the best career advice they've ever received.

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