10 Must-Follow Wedding Pinterest Boards

Overwhelmed by the infinite pins on social media's wedding inspiration mecca? Focus on these standout boards.

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Weird Engagement Superstitions That Work

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The Best Time to Do Everything Pre-Wedding

Waxing? Packing? Highlights? We’ve got you covered.

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10 New Rules for Wedding Season

From whether or not you can wear white to how long you can really wait to give a gift, we breakdown the new do's and don'ts of "I Do" season.

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Is He Going to Propose?

When it seems like everyone is asking when he'll pop the question, here's how to handle the situation with poise.

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5 Nice Ways to Turn Down a Bridesmaid Offer

Despite what you may have heard, you can nicely say no after your friend says yes.

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3 Conversations You Must Have Before ‘I Do’

Some discussions simply can't wait until your walk down the aisle.

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Your Guide to Wedding Dress Codes

Festive, black tie, cocktail. What exactly do they all mean?

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