Bridal Beauty Advice from Real Women

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Bridal Beauty Advice from Real Women

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Bridal Beauty Advice from Real Women
 Okay, okay, we know. Every bride looks gorgeous on her big day. Yet when a bride looks back at her pictures, there always seems to be something she wishes she'd done differently. That's why we rounded up 5 brides to reveal what they wish they would have done with their wedding look. Take their beauty advice and be regret-free!
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Wedding wish: "I should have stayed truer to my fun, bold everyday style."
"Now that I look back on my wedding, I think I went way too traditional with my look. I have never been labeled ‘traditional' when it came to my [personal style]. I wore my hair in a very traditional way, pulled back and curled under the veil.  I love bold colors but don't think that showed with my look. I am a wedding photographer now and most of the brides I shoot know exactly what they want! They have these great headpieces, small funky veils, hot pink shoes—just fun!  They show their personality much more than I did." Bonus tip: As a photographer I'd say being too tan is out.  Don't go to your wedding orange! Just be yourself.

—Nicole Shilliday, 28, Centreville, VA

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