Bridal Beauty Advice from Real Women

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Bridal Beauty Advice from Real Women

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Bridal Beauty Advice from Real Women

Wedding wish: "My hair was darker than I would have liked."
"I am a natural blonde, but recently my hair started to get a little darker, so I got highlights before the wedding. I should have noticed that I needed more highlights before the big day. No one else probably thinks twice about this, but with my hair back, I think it was too dark." More advice: "If you want to wear your hair up or down or however—do it. Choose what you want and feel good in, not what others think will make you happy on your big day. Practice your wedding day look and take photos of it from all angles to see what looks good."

—Bethany Lyons, 31, New York, NY

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Wedding wish: "I should have done my own makeup."
"I had my wedding makeup professionally done and I paid way too much money for a look that wasn't special at all! I think I should have had a makeup consultation at the mall or something so that I had some pointers that I would benefit from—not just for my wedding makeup but every day as well. I didn't even like my lipstick color!" More advice: "For my wedding I meant to be tanner, smaller, have whiter teeth, and blonder hair by the big day. Whoops! It turns out, you're great just the way you are so I would say don't stress so much about those things."
—Jen Mills, 28, Lexington, KY

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