Budget Honeymoons: Save Big Bucks on Your Honeymoon

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Budget Honeymoons: Save Big Bucks on Your Honeymoon

The only thing that gets most couples through the final stressful stretch of wedding planning is the thought of their honeymoon. After months of dealing with guest lists, seating charts, family drama, and making thousands of decisions, most newlyweds can't wait to hightail it to a secluded sandy beach. Whether you're staying in a bungalow in Bora Bora or five-star European resort, it is possible to save money on your most over-the-top vacation. Read on for travel advice that will help you get more for less on your honeymoon.

Budget Honeymoon Travel Tip 1: Get Honeymoon Hook-ups

Tell anyone and everyone that you two lovebirds are honeymooners. This information has the magical power to warm the hearts of airline and hotel employees worldwide. Before you know it, you'll be sitting in first class, savoring those delicious warm chocolate chip cookies for free.

In today's tough economic times, hotels have seen occupancy hit an all time low. So, resorts and hotels are extra thankful when people choose to stay with them. Make sure they know in the booking notes that it's your honeymoon. Then give them a friendly reminder when you check in. This should promptly lead to a room upgrade (hello gorgeous two-bedroom suite with balcony!) and the delivery of a chilled bottle of champagne and fresh strawberries, compliments of the hotel.

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