Budget Honeymoons: Save Big Bucks on Your Honeymoon

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Budget Honeymoons: Save Big Bucks on Your Honeymoon

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Budget Honeymoon Travel Tip 4: Simple Swaps Save Money

Honeymoons are the perfect excuse to completely indulge in the royal treatment. But eating at the most expensive restaurants and getting pampered 24/7 may be a bad idea if it means living off of canned food upon returning home to make up for it. Luckily, there are simple ways to cut back without feeling like you're missing out. Pass on room service for breakfast. Instead, head to the hotel gift shop or, better yet, a local grocery store and stock up on fruit or healthy breakfast bars that you can pop in your beach bag and eat poolside. If you both forego a room service breakfast for seven days, you'll save hundreds of dollars ... much better used at the spa!

Restaurants that cater to tourists (especially honeymooners) are known for jacking up their prices. While you'll definitely want to hit up a few fabulously overpriced restaurants to celebrate your "I dos," be sure to also talk with locals to get the scoop on hot spots off the beaten path. From Caribbean reggae bars to Hawaiian fish shacks, getting a taste of the culture is fun and way more affordable than those white-tablecloth meals.

Since you'll be spending a lot of money on wining and dining, do your own "happy hour" before dinner to relax and unwind. Pick up a bottle of wine at a local store and sip as you watch the sunset on your terrace before going out. Your bottle of wine will probably cost half the amount it would to have cocktails at the hotel bar.

Finally, rent a car to avoid dropping serious cash on cabs if you'll be on the go a lot.

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