How to Live Happily Ever After

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Melissa Rycroft

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How to Live Happily Ever After

Workouts should be fun

Training for DWTS required eight-hour practices, seven days a week, which left Melissa trim and toned—but exhausted. "I was in the best shape of my life," she says. "At one point I looked at my abs and I could count them! But that's not my natural body, and I knew I couldn't keep working out at that intensity." And after the show, Melissa completely stopped exercising. "I needed to step away from it, because I didn't want to lose the joy of working out. After a month, I started to miss it and I felt ready to start again." She now runs two or three miles four to six days a week, and strength-trains at home. And while looking sculpted is a plus, Melissa says that exercise helps her stay emotionally strong too. "It's a stress reliever, and it's my time to be alone and sort out my thoughts," she says. "After a run, my tension is gone and I always feel better the rest of the day."

Being healthy is a lifestyle

Melissa's not shy about admitting that her break from working out became a diet free-for-all too. "Tye and I would eat out several nights a week and have all kinds of fatty foods," she says. "But when we started exercising again, we knew we had to eat better too—it's crucial for getting results." Instead of dieting, the couple made simple changes, including having most meals at home instead of in restaurants. "Now we eat out only once a week—either on Friday or Saturday—and I cook on most other days," Melissa says. "For the past few years, I've just been taking care of myself, and right now I'm really enjoying having a meal on the table when Tye gets home— we'll see how long that lasts! I make a lot of chicken, but I just learned how to prepare ahi tuna, and it's delicious!"

Melissa has even found a way to eat healthy without omitting fast food. "When I really want something like chicken fingers and french fries, I just have a kids meal," she says. "It's enough to satisfy my craving."

There's more than one definition of sexy

Melissa has discovered the secret to feeling fabulous no matter how she looks or what she's wearing: self-assurance. "Confidence, and how you portray it, is sexy," she says. "I do it by smiling and being happy and bubbly. I'm not Megan Fox sexy, but I'm girl-next-door sexy—and I know Tye finds that very attractive. Everyone needs to find their own meaning of the word—and flaunt it!"

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