What I Wish I Knew Before My Wedding Day

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What I Wish I Knew Before My Wedding Day
 Your wedding planning isn't finished until you've heard this hard-earned advice from women who've been there, done that – so you don't have to.
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1. Have a backup videographer—or two
"We opted to save money on a videographer and splurge on a photographer we loved, so we asked our friends to film the big moments for us," said AJ Hanley (in photo), who got married on May 1, 2010. "Little did we know that everyone we asked assumed someone else had it taken care of, and the only video of our choreographed first dance came out blank." With all the technology and gadgets to easily record video, it's no wonder people are scaling back on hiring professionals to tape their weddings. Yet devices like the iPhone and Flip camera—not to mention your guests—aren't entirely reliable.

CHECKLIST: If you don't get a videographer, be clear about who will tape the special parts of your big day.

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