What I Wish I Knew Before My Wedding Day

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Wedding Budget

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What I Wish I Knew Before My Wedding Day
What I Wish I Knew Before My Wedding Day-25. Don't underestimate the liquor bill!
Kara Sarisky (in photo) tied the knot this April at a trendy restaurant in downtown Manhattan. They kept the guest list low so they could splurge on the gorgeous atmosphere of the location and the delicious food that their favorite eatery offered. However, they didn't set a liquor bill with the bar beforehand. "We budgeted about $2,000 for liquor since it was daytime and many of our guests don't even drink, but we never gave the bartenders specific rules as to what our guests could or could not have," says Sarisky. "I figured with the amount of guests we had, and since it was brunch, this was plenty—I was shocked when I looked at the bill!" Kara discovered later that rounds of shots and guests sampling a wide variety of signature cocktails on the menu had accounted for the expensive bar bill.

CHECKLIST: Set out a menu at the bar that your guests are allowed to order from. Anything not on the list, they will have to pay for themselves.

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