YouTube Star Emily Eddington Shares How to Build the Perfect Wedding Day Touch-Up Kit

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YouTube Star Emily Eddington

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YouTube Star Emily Eddington

Your wedding day can be so exciting—and so stressful. But having the right items on hand for your big day can make a huge difference in helping you to look your best and keeping wedding whoopsies to a minimum. YouTube star Emily Eddington, who has been married since August of 2006 and works as a morning TV news anchor in Illinois, put together an exclusive video for SHAPE readers outlining the essentials of a wedding day touch-up kit.



Just in case you weren't taking notes, here's a list of what every wedding day touch-up kit should include, ideally divided into two different plastic bags for convenience on your big day:

Essentials in a Wedding Day Survival Kit

Hair & Makeup Touch-Up Essentials
• Tresemme Tres Two Mini Hairspray
• Bobbi pins
• ELF Oil Blotting Sheets
• Q-Tips
• Kleenex
• ELF Translucent Mattifying Powder
• Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive
• Lipstick/lip gloss of the day
• Mini fragrance

Fashion Emergency/First-Aid Essentials
• Claire's earring backs
• Sewing kit
• Tide To-Go Pen
• Mints
• Floss
• Band-Aids
• Band-Aid Friction Block Stick
• Tylenol/Excedrin Pain Reliever
• A snack and water

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