Dancing with the Stars Week 3 High (and Low) Lights

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Dancing with the Stars Week 3 High (and Low) Lights

Last night the remaining 10 Dancing with the Stars cast members performed a dance inspired by the most memorable year of their lives. Some stories moved while the dance did not, other performances were as beautiful as the story they told and one dance fell as flat as the year it represented. Find out which Dancing with the Stars performances were our favorites and which just didn’t do it.

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough Rumba: 27 points
Pulling the highest score of the season you’ve got to hand it to Ricki Lake. First off, she looked amazing in her draping pink dress. Did you see those legs? She had great control and tension in all of her movements and we loved the serene expression on her face. You really felt that Lake was connecting with the song, Gravity by Sarah Bareilles, and partner Derek Hough.  Lake chose 2010, the year she went through a difficult divorce and her home burned down. That was the year she learned to “never say never.” She never thought she’d do DWTS and she never thought she’d marry again. Now she’s at the top of the DWTS leader board and happily married to husband Christian.

Chynna Phillips and Tony Dovolani Rumba: 26 points
Just one point behind Lake, Chynna Phillips really stepped up her game from a lackluster performance last week. Phillips danced to her own song Hold On in honor of the year 1990. At that time Phillips felt abandoned by her father and turned to drugs and alcohol. It was in 1990 that Phillips decided to turn her life around. She also met husband Billy Baldwin that year. The judges agreed, this dance told a story and were impressed by Phillips' lines. This is one dance that got us choked up and we hope to see Philips and partner
Tony Dovolani stay in the competition.

J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff Rumba: 26 points
It’s no surprise J.R. Martinez chose 2003 as his most memorable year having been injured by a landmine in Iraq that year. Martinez’s rumba with partner Karina Smirnoff was emotionally charged ending with a crying Martinez and a long standing ovation from the audience. Martinez hit the choreography to Tim McGraw’s If You’re Reading this Letter but we will say his hip action was pretty stiff. Otherwise, Martinez earned his 26 points.

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke Foxtrot: 24 points
Rob Kardashian looked good during his foxtrot to Fly me to the Moon danced in honor of his dad who passed away in 2003. Kardashian was emotional talking about his father during rehearsals revealing a tattoo of his dad to partner Cheryl Burke. We agree with the judges, Kardashian looked good, smooth, and suave but we’re not entirely sure what Len Goodman meant when he said, “you put the dash in Kardashian!” Does he mean dashing? If so, we’ll take it!
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