The Top 5 Destinations that Will Transform Your Lifestyle

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The Top 5 Destinations that Will Transform Your Lifestyle

We love the New Year – it provides the perfect clean slate and the chance (and motivation) to transform your lifestyle. While you can make positive changes anywhere – and any time of the year, for that matter – some places are better suited to helping you reach your goal of a healthier, happier you. And a vacation is always nice, right? So check out Oyster.com’s top 5 destinations that will improve your lifestyle – and get working towards your total transformation!

Washington, D.C.
Ranked by PETA as one of the most veg (and vegan)-friendly cities in the country, Washington, D.C. is a great place to transform your diet. Going vegetarian has been proven to be good for your heart (the increase of nuts in a vegetarian’s diet lessens their chance of developing heart disease), your skin (you’ll have a healthy glow in no time), and your immune system – and D.C. has tons of vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants. But even if you’re just looking to increase your veggie intake (without completely swearing off meat), D.C. is a good place to be. With the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” nutrition initiative, the capital is all about you getting your three to four servings of fruits and veggies (each!) every day!

If you don’t call D.C. home, check out Washington, D.C. hotels on Oyster.com for your next health-focused vacation!

If you’re more interested in the movement part of “Let’s Move,” you’ll want to head to Seattle, which was recently ranked the most active city in the US. It may rain 150 days out of the year in Seattle, but that doesn’t keep residents from getting outdoors (or at least to the gym) to get a good workout in. They also watch less TV and play fewer video games to avoid ultimate couch potato status (currently held by Lexington, Ky. – the least active city in the country). So do like the locals do and run along the beach at Discovery Park, bike part of the Urban Trail System, or kayak on Lake Union – anything that gets your heart pumping is a good start to getting active and transforming your lifestyle!

If you call Seattle home – congrats you active person, you! If you don’t call the rainy city home, check out Seattle hotels on Oyster.com for your next health-focused vacation!

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