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The Best Summer Tech for the Beach

10 gadgets and goodies, which, while high-tech, can help keep your summer days breezy and low-key.

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5 Weird Signs Your Favorite Beach Is Dirty

Empty beer cans or a big "closed" sign aren't the only signals that your favorite sandy spot may be toxic.

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10 Lessons You Learn from Traveling Alone

Ready to hit the road on your own? Heed this advice before your first solo foray.

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14 Activities Every Woman Should Try This Summer

Break out of the gym this season to soak up the sun, tone your body, and make awesome memories with this fitness bucket list.

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No Kids Allowed: 4 Adult Summer Camps

This summer's vacation trend will make you nostalgic for your younger years and also provide the detox you need.

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Your Guide to the Kentucky Derby

Everything you need to know to improve your odds for this weekend’s Run for the Roses.

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The Top 10 Farmers Markets in the U.S.

Find fresh produce, one-of-a-kind crafts, and delicious prepared foods wherever your travels take you this summer.

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Watch This Video and Forget about Winter for 3 Minutes

Check out the scene from this weekend's Model Beach Volleyball Tournament. You may end up booking a trip to Florida.

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