"I was born with a French fry in my mouth"

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Chelsea Handler

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"I was born with a French fry in my mouth"

Wearing her blond hair in sexy waves and simple white skinny jeans that show off her toned legs, Chelsea Handler looks much younger-and slimmer- then she does on her talk show, Chelsea Lately. Did she lose weight, or is she a victim of the dreaded camera-adds-10-pounds syndrome? "Well, TV does make you look 10 times fatter, you know," she says over a lunch of sushi, steamed clams, and a cucumber salad. "I went home to visit my family after my show first started, and my sister said tome, 'Oh you look good! We were going to say something about your weight because you look so big on TV! And then I looked at their TV, and I realized they had it on wide-screen! I'm like, 'Oh of course I look big! Take it off wide-screen, you losers.'"

Still, it could have easily gone the other way. To get her fit, healthy body, the New Jersey-born comedian overcame bad family health history (after a long battle with cancer, her mom died four years ago, her dad has had quadruple-bypass surgery); a deep affection for high-calorie cocktails, fast food, and salty snacks; and a longtime inability to stick to an exercise routine.

Get the recipe for Chelsea's favorite healthy meal—her brother's turkey meat loaf!

Chelsea knew she needed to make some lifestyle changes. So she hired a nutritionist and revved up her workout plan-and is in better shape now than she was when she was a teenager. "I just turned 35, and it feels like a brand-new year for me," says Chelsea, whose third book, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, was just released. "Not only am I fitter, I feel more energized and focused too."

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