"I was born with a French fry in my mouth"

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Chelsea Handler

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"I was born with a French fry in my mouth"

"I was born with a french fry in my mouth"

"My parents were not the healthiest eaters." Says Chelsea, who, growing up, was allowed to nibble on Yodels and Doritos between meals. "My mom was a great cook, but her idea of light after-school snack was mac' and cheese and brownies. So of course I was like, 'Why am I 15 and struggling with my weight?' It took me a long time to deprogram myself after I moved to L.A." For eight years, she went from one extreme to another, eating junk food and then starving herself to lose the weight. "Even when I thought I was making healthy choices, I wasn't." she says. "I didn't know, for example, that a salad with 3 pounds of dressing isn't a good thing!" When she got fed up with yo-yo dieting, she found a nutritionist who taught her to make healthier food choices and to eat more often during the day. "I love food," says Chelsea, as she digs into a bowl of edamame. "I need to eat! I could never do juice cleanses or not cheat once in a while!"

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