"I was born with a French fry in my mouth"

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Chelsea Handler

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"I was born with a French fry in my mouth"

"It's my diet, and I'll drink if I want to!"

While Chelsea was ready to commit to a new health plan, there was one thing she wasn't willing to give up. "I told my nutritionist, 'I'm not going to quit drinking. I love to hang out with my girlfriends and have cocktails and dinner, it's how I relax,'" she says. "He explained that calorie-wise vodka isn't so bad, as long as you drink it with soda. Knowing I could have drink made it easier to stick to the program."

For the most part, Chelsea eats fresh wholesome foods-avoiding anything processed-whenever possible. Her day typically begins with a bowl of oatmeal mixed with a scoop of protein powder and a spoonful of ground flax seeds. Turkey and an arugula salad with shaved Parmesan-no dressing-is always her midmorning snack, and for lunch, she usually has sushi. Her brother, who's a chef, often cooks for her-favorites include grilled sea bass, chicken, and green salad with turkey meat loaf. Even her indulgences make sense: For a quick on-set snack, she'll open a small bag of Doritos (old habits die hard!), have two or three, and throw the rest away. But her all-time favorite splurge is, luckily 3,000 miles from home. "There's a diner in New Jersey that makes steak fries with melted mozzarella that you dip in gravy," she says, eyes glazing over at the memory. "Every time I eat there, I'm like, "Can I move in here, please?' Seriously, why would I ever leave?"

"I was a fitness fiasco—until I found Pilates"

Although she's always been active, Chelsea says finding a workout she loves-and can commit to-has been a huge challenge. "I've tried them all," she admits. "But I'd usually end up quitting because I'd get bored. Or, as with yoga, after months of doing it, I'd still have belly flab.

"And doing cardio at the gym can be so annoying! I hate it when there are 50 treadmills and I'm the only one there, but then someone just hops on the machine right next to me! Hello!"

Pilates, however, is just the right fit. "It's been the most gentle on my body," says Chelsea. "I'm longer and leaner and much more graceful. I can honestly say it's changed my body-and my life."

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