Want to shed excess fat once and for all? Instead of living on diet products, try changing the way you think. Research shows that many people who lose weight end up regaining it; but to understand how those who beat the odds do it, scientists have started to explore the mind-sets of so-called "successful losers." While the National Weight Control Registry reports that eating right and exercising are paramount to lasting weight loss, a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, zeroed in on the critical role of psychological factors. The study looked at 44 men and women who maintained a significant weight loss for a minimum of three years and showed people who successfully lose weight strongly believe that weight loss is possible. Psychological factors, such as attitude toward food, are also crucial to success.

So, before you head to Spinning class or start slashing calories, you must get your head in the fat-loss game. Here are seven research-based, tried-and-true tips for doing so.

Makeover Your Mind...and Body
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