Mind and Body
10 Topics to Avoid at the Holiday Table

Global warming, Bill Cosby, and other subjects you should steer clear of at all costs.

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Go Ahead, Have that Glass of Red

There's now science to support what you already knew—that red wine can lower your stress levels.

3 Tips for a Phone-Free Get-Together

Tap into the health benefits of a digital detox by powering down during your next date, party, or hangout

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Sleep Soundly Despite Your In-Bed Tech Habit

The blue light emitted by your phone, tablet, laptop, or TV can trigger insomnia. Outsmart the problem with these three tips

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The New Way to 'Elevate' Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is all about reaching a higher level of consciousness—and this class practically guarantees it.

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This Is How Texting Affects Your Brain

All that swiping and typing may not be as bad as you think. Find out why.

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Is Your Vitamin D Supplement a Dud?

If you can’t get vitamin D from the sun, pills are your next best option. These tips will ensure you get the most effective option

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20 Homemade Holiday Gifts (That Aren't Food!)

Instead of baking another batch of cookies, craft something unique with these genius DIY gift ideas found on Pinterest.

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