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5 Ways a Lack of Vitamin D Deficiency Can Harm You

You know about depression, but we bet you didn't know a lack of the sunshine vitamin also increases your risk for these five things.

Act Like a Kid, Get Grown-Up Results

These five new healthy elementary school programs should be a part of your adult life too. Here's why.

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Did Your Parents Ruin Your Fitness Habits?

Turns out, the exercise habits you learn from mom and dad may dog you in adulthood.

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Instantly Increase Productivity with This Timing Trick

Tapping into your ultradian rhythms can get help you get more done effortlessly.

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Science Is Trying to Decode The Runner’s High

That “in the zone” state of mind is human performance at it’s best, and scientists want to map this Flow state and help you maximize your potential.

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17 Ways Meditation Makes You Happier and Healthier

Getting zen aids more than just your mind—it can help you workout harder, stay healthier, and enjoy life more. Check out all 17 benefits of meditation.

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10 Steps to Your Most Heavenly Bubble Bath

Achieve bath time nirvana every time!

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11 Easy Ways to Overcome Gym-timidation

Boost self-confidence before your next workout with these smart strategies from fitness pros.

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Stop Avoiding Your Chores: 9 Expert Cleaning Hacks

Housecleaning is no fun for anyone, but with these cleanliness tips from healthy living and germ experts, it's hardly a chore.

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