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3 Doctor's Orders You Should Question

Your M.D. may know best, but is he running tests you don't need?

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5 Cool Things the New Apple Health App Can Do

This new platform offers more health benefits than all that fitness and nutrition data you’re already tracking.

You Won't Believe Why Angelina Jolie Missed Her Movie Premiere

The actress and director recently revealed the health condition that prevented her from attending last night's Unbroken premiere.

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Everything You Need to Know About Hangovers

Get the facts on how to tackle the morning after before you head to the holiday parties.

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The Most Googled Body Exercises Might Surprise You (Kim Kardashian, Your Time Has Passed)

The Year of the Butt? Not so much, says Google's Top Workout Trends for 2014.

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The Personality Trait That Actually Keeps You Healthy

Your demeanor affects more than just your social life—it can actually shed light on how healthy you'll be this winter.

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10 Passive-Aggressive Things You Probably Do—and How to Stop

How seemingly innocent habits are actually hurting you.

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6 Cool Ways Restaurants Use Technology

From where to go to what you order, food chains are using innovative technology like eye tracking and table tablets to help customize your dining experience.

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