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When Jealousy Is a Good Thing

Our expert dishes on the positives associated with being green-eyed.

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24 Inevitable Things That Happen When You Get Fit

Overflowing hampers? Soaring confidence? #gymselfies? You’ll relate to just about all of these.

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6 Secrets for Soothing Summer Slumber

Heat, open windows, and sunburn can leave you tossing and turning. Reclaim your beauty rest and wake up refreshed with these simple tricks.

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How Summer Colds Mess with Your Brain

Your mood, thinking, and reaction time all suffer when you get sick.

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Your Brain On: Binge Watching TV

Where your mind goes when you indulge in episode after episode of Orange Is the New Black.

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9 Reasons You Can't Sleep

Nod off faster and wake up energized by correcting these common bad habits.

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Beginner’s Guide to Starting Your Own Fitness Studio

13 successful, fit women share how to turn your love of exercise into a full-fledged career.

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16 Thoughts a Vegetarian Has at a BBQ

Go inside the mind of a non-meat-eater before you fire up the grill for the Fourth.

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