3 Books to Ease Your Cancer Fears

Pure Inspiration
Voices of Breast Cancer: The Healing Companion
edited by Victor Starsia

This anthology is packed with real women's stories originally shared at the Healing Project, a nonprofi t group founded by cancer survivor Debra LaChance that connects people with life-threatening illnesses. You'll also fi nd essays about new treatments-as well as where to go for support.
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Advice with Attitude
Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips
by Kris Carr

"There wasn't much out there that dealt with the daily problems that young women with cancer face," says actress Kris Carr, who in 2003 was diagnosed with malignancies throughout her body. So she penned a realistic guide to cancer that covers topics you won't find elsewhere, such as the effect it can have on your sex life.
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Doctor-speak Made Easy
Breast Cancer The Notebook
by Julia Chiappetta

When the author discovered that she had breast cancer, she did what anyone would do: She began researching her condition. "But I couldn't understand any of the medical terminology." So she gathered simple explanations of many important words (e.g., ultrasound) and compiled them in this notebook.
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