5 Tips to Improve Your Visit to the OB-GYN

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5 Tips to Improve Your Visit to the OB-GYN

2. Make it an annual event
About 20 percent of you said that you hadn't seen your ob-gyn in the past year, but your overall health will benefit from an annual visit. It's not just about STD screening and Paps, says Cossler. "Manual breast exams may detect breast cancer more effectively than self-checks, and pelvic exams can turn up life-saving information," she explains. "I've even found melanoma near the vagina, where many women would never look for it." Once you've booked your appointment, come prepared. Know when your last period started, the medications you've begun or stopped taking, and any other changes in your health since your last visit. Don't overlook family medical records, either. "If your grandma was just diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor should know," says Cossler. Or, for example, if your doctor knows heart disease runs in your family, she'll pay more attention to a high blood-pressure reading.

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