5 Tips to Improve Your Visit to the OB-GYN

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5 Tips to Improve Your Visit to the OB-GYN

5. Bring up the tough stuff first
About 30 percent of women said that they've been too embarrassed to ask their ob-gyn about sexual-health issues. It sounds counterintuitive, but one way to get over any anxiety about discussing, say, your sluggish sex drive or an unusual discharge is to bring up the subject at the very start of the appointment, says Jeffrey Robinson, Ph.D., an associate professor of communication at Rutgers University. According to his research, patients rate their office visits more positively when they can discuss their biggest concerns at the beginning of their visit. More than 75 percent of women reported that their visits lasted for 15 minutes or less, so if you talk about those personal issues right away, you make certain you have adequate time to address what's most important to you. Make a nerve-racking conversation easier by starting out with "This is a bit embarrassing for me, but..." or "I'd really like to talk about something, but it's uncomfortable for me." Says Chang, "These phrases signal to your doctor that the discussion is emotional."

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