5 Ways to Change Your Life for $2 or Less

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Change Your Life

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5 Ways to Change Your Life for $2 or Less

5 Ways to Change Your Life for $2 or Less-2

3. Stress Less and Concentrate Better
How: Meditation podcasts
What it is:
Too stressed to meditate? Download the Meditation Society's "Learn to Meditate" instructional podcasts. For even less stress, how's this: They're free! Get guidance that gets you mellow by searching on iTunes for the Society's "Meditation Peace" podcast. Or, if you want to mellow out on your own, just search "Free Meditation Music" for a slew of soothing sounds.
How it works: Search iTunes for "Meditation Society" and subscribe to the free podcasts. The podcast will then appear in your "library" and you can drag it onto your iPod or play it right from your computer. Not convinced you can meditate? Try this startup guide.

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