5 Ways to Change Your Life for $2 or Less

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Change Your Life

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5 Ways to Change Your Life for $2 or Less

5 Ways to Change Your Life for $2 or Less-2

4. Get a Free Personal Trainer
How: Shape's Virtual Trainer
What it does:
Okay, we're promoting ourselves, but we can't help it because our virtual trainer is amazing (and did we mention free!?). You tell the virtual trainer what your goals are, and you get a customized routine that gets you there. Bonus: You can track your meals (our food database has more than 20,000 items), check your calorie intake, and read up on the nutritional breakdown of the foods you're eating‹all in just a few clicks. You won't be on your own; our Virtual Trainer has a vibrant community where you can share tips and motivate each other.
How it works: Click on Virtual Trainer, answer the start-up questions, and you’re on your way to a personalized workout that really works.

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