5 Ways to Change Your Life for $2 or Less

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Change Your Life

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5 Ways to Change Your Life for $2 or Less

5 Ways to Change Your Life for $2 or Less-2

5. Shrink Your Waist, Fatten Your Wallet
How: Healthy Mediterranean Meals for $2 a day
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The world's healthiest diet—full of fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy oils from olives and fish—has gotten a bad rap as an expensive way to eat. You can change that with "The Power of $2," a sampler of Mediterranean recipes by the Mediterranean Food Alliance (MFA) that cost $2 or less per person, but that taste amazing. That's the whole gig with the Med diet—it tastes like restaurant food, but lowers your risk of problems including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even depression.
How it works: Get the downloadable sampler of recipes—including Penne with Pesto and Cherry Tomatoes and Salad Nicoise here. Get even more tips on packing your pantry with healthy Mediterranean foods from the MFA.

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