6 Reasons Women Ignore the Doctor's Advice

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6 Reasons Women Ignore the Doctor's Advice

Exercise more, eat less, don't smoke, stay out of the sun—We're inundated with dozens of messages like these on a daily basis. But, do we listen? According to a recent study by healthcare-based software company TeleVox, one in five women say they are "struggling" to be healthy, largely due to the fact that generally, we tend to focus more on others, than we do ourselves.

"Women tend to identify with the caretaker role," according to Dr. Melanie Greenberg, a clinical psychologist specializing in women's health. "They are more likely than men to provide support for other family members, take on volunteer activities, do ‘second-shift' work like housework after a day at the office, and neglect their own health in the process."

We reached out to top experts in the medical field to get to the bottom of why we ignore the doctor's advice (and why we shouldn't!)

Reason 1: We don't like what we're hearing.

As bad as puffing on that cigarette, baking in that tanning bed, or having that extra piece of chocolate cake is for you, many women with unhealthy habits will say they can't stop simply because it feels good. So, naturally, when someone tells us to stop doing something we enjoy, we're hesitant to comply.

In some instances, the woman could also be embarrassed of her behavior or perceived lack of willpower. "A big reason women ignore a doctor's advice is because they were not honest with them in the first place," says L.A. psychiatrist Dr. Soroya Bacchus. "Lying is often a less painful solution. The problem is I cannot identify the correct course of action if I'm operating on faulty information. As a result, she is not as likely to act on my recommendation if she knows it was based on lies and is therefore useless."

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