6 Reasons Women Ignore the Doctor's Advice

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6 Reasons Women Ignore the Doctor's Advice

Reason 2: We think we know more than an MD.

Mom tells you to just take an aspirin and apply a heating pad, while Mrs. Smith next door hands you a Band-aid and says to stay off your feet. The point is everyone thinks they're an MD these days, except without the degree. Dr. Frederick Strobl, a Minneapolis-based neurologist, says people would rather listen to their friends or neighbor's medical advice because it's coming from someone they trust.

"Women tend to read medical articles online and listen to other's advice. I always tell them that even the most ‘reliable' sources can be confusing. They don't have the background a medical professional has to evaluate other's claims so if they don't want to follow my advice, they should really seek a second opinion from another doctor, not a friend or neighbor."

Reason 3: We have given up.

If a woman doesn't value her own health and well-being, the doctor's orders will fall on deaf ears. "Sometimes, a woman who is depressed becomes self-destructive and decides she won't bother following the doctor's advice," says Beverly Hills psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman.

Women are more than twice as likely as men to experience clinical depression, and are at a greater risk for anxiety disorders, Greenberg says. "Lack of self-care and exercise, unhealthy relationships, and chronic stress can make a woman more prone to mental health issues," she adds. If you think the brain isn't connected with the body, think again. "Untreated depression can cause heart disease," Greenberg says.

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