Are Full-Body Airport Scanners Safe?

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Are Full-Body Airport Scanners Safe?

With more and more airports using Advanced Imaging Technology (also known as body scanners) as a screening procedure, passengers are concerned about privacy rights and the possible threat to both a healthy life and personal safety. Get the facts before your next trip.

What Is a Full-Body Airport Scan?

There are currently two types of equipment that scan full-body images, the Millimeter Wave and the Backscatter. The Millimeter Wave uses electromagnetic waves over the human body to recreate a blurred image for the screener. The Backscatter uses very low levels of x-ray technology to produce an image. "There are 40 Millimeters being used across 19 airports, and we have purchased 150 Backscatters, but have not yet deployed them," explains Sterling Payne, TSA spokesperson.

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