Are Full-Body Airport Scanners Safe?

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Airport Scanners

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Are Full-Body Airport Scanners Safe?

Are They a Risk to a Healthy Life?

Many people are worried about radiation exposure (Link: http://www.shape.com/health/your_health/cell_phone_risk) during a full-body airport scan, but according to the TSA, these levels are minimal. A diagram on the TSA's website claims that allowing the Backscatter to scan full-body images is equivalent to two minutes of flying on an airplane. Additionally, "the energy projected by Millimeter Wave technology is 10,000 times less than a cell phone transmission."

What About Privacy?

Even if scanners don't pose a risk to your healthy life, there are still privacy concerns. "Both units have privacy protections in place, including a privacy filter that hides facial features, and protections that include no printing, saving or transmitting of images," says Payne. Additionally, the officers who view the images are located in a remote location and are never in contact with the passenger. Still, if you're not comfortable with a full-body airport scan, you have the option to decline; doing so will result in a pat-down safety procedure.

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