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Damage Control: 7 Bad Habits to Break-22. The Habit: Being a Weekend Warrior

Research shows that having five to seven alcoholic drinks a week lowers your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. But what if you abstain all week and drink six glasses of wine on a Friday night? "The safest amount of alcohol to imbibe is about one drink a day for women," says Dr. Clayton. "Binge drinking raises blood pressure, which offsets any of the cardiovascular benefits of moderate drinking." Moreover, heavy drinking zaps your thiamine (B1) reserves, which is needed for a healthy nervous system, and raises your risk of breast cancer.

Damage control: Enjoy a glass of wine with dinner (pinot noir is high in resveratrol, an antioxidant linked with heart health and anti-aging), but don't have the entire bottle. If you're at happy hour or a party, try adding seltzer water to your wine, or alternate cocktails with seltzer and lime. You'll automatically drink less and save hundreds of calories. 

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