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Damage Control: 7 Bad Habits to Break-23. The Habit: Bumming a Cigarette
If you don't buy packs, but you bum one or two cigarettes from friends on the weekend, you're still doing body damage. "Just one puff of a cigarette causes the same immediate harmful effects to the lungs as long-term smoking, such as constriction of your airways and paralysis of the tiny hairs that help filter toxins," says Dr. Clayton.

Damage control: Once you quit smoking, it takes about seven to 10 years for your risk of lung cancer and other diseases to match those of non-smokers. Identify your triggers, such as a certain friend who smokes or being around alcohol, and arm yourself with gum, lollipops, or whatever you can chew to keep your mouth occupied. Your lungs will thank you in the a.m.

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