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Damage Control: 7 Bad Habits to Break-26. The Habit: Visiting the Tanning Bed
If you have a special event, a few sessions in a tanning bed once a year might seem like no big deal. "Eighty-percent of aging comes from UV rays, and laying under bulbs emitting those rays ups your risk of wrinkles as well as skin cancer even in short periods of time," says Yael Halaas M.D.; a board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in New York City. In fact, people who answered yes to ever visiting a tanning bed on a questionnaire had twice as great a risk of melonoma compared to those who had never fake baked.

Damage control: If you want a healthy glow before a big event, skip the tanning beds and try a bronzer or body shimmer, suggests Dr. Halaas. We like The Body Shop Autumn Trend Compact in Berry ($21; And for your body, try Perfect Prep Body Slimmer, a shimmery pressed-powder  that's packed with moisturizers, beeswax and lanoline. It has a flat applicator that makes it easy to dust on the contours of your body. ($35;

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