Feminine Odor and 5 Other Embarrassing Health Conditions

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Feminine Odor and 5 Other Embarrassing Health Conditions
Feminine odor isn't exactly a topic for cocktail conversation—sure, you'll complain about cramps and kvetch about cravings when you're out with friends, but vaginal odor? Some problems—like bad breath, excessive sweating or painful sex—are often just too embarrassing to share, even among your closest confidantes. "Many women avoid talking to anyone, including their doctor, about symptoms they're ashamed of," says Susan L. Ivey, M.D., an associate professor at the UCB/UCSF joint medical program at the University of California, Berkeley. "But it's important to come clean, because these health conditions may indicate a more serious issue.” In fact, one survey found that more than two-thirds of physicians say it's difficult to properly treat patients who won't fess up (which is just one reason it's key to be honest with your doctor). In many cases a simple prescription or even an over-the-counter drug can remedy the situation. That's why we turned to the experts for the straight talk on feminine odor and five other health woes women hide.

Bad Breath: I have morning breath—all day

Hemorrhoids: It hurts to sit down

Painful Intercourse: Sex Hurts

Excessive Sweating: I sweat so much, even on cool days!

Feminine Odor: I smell bad "down there"

Leaking Urine: I pee a little when I sneeze or cough—or even laugh really hard

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