Three words: eat, pray, love. They're simple, sure, but the true meaning behind them opens up a whole world of opportunities… that is, if you're author Elizabeth Gilbert (or perhaps her big-screen alter ego, Julia Roberts). Gilbert's brutally honest memoir, Eat Pray Love, and the just-released film version recount her adventurous global journey to re-self-discovery after a painful divorce. For the few of you who have yet to read the blockbuster bestseller, Gilbert eats across Italy, prays in India and finds love in Indonesia all on a quest for, well, happiness. (Although… who wouldn't be happy if they had a sizeable book advance and traveled to the most beautiful countries in the world? That's what we thought.) Fortunately, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on plane tickets—or even leave the comfort of your own kitchen, your own relationship and your own back yard to experience all the lessons Gilbert learned along the way. Here's how to eat, pray and love your way to a satisfying personal transformation with a few simple tips you can try today—no passport required.

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