You were at the doctor for nearly two hours but saw her for a total of 10 minutes. Sound familiar? Maximize your face time with these tips from Davis Liu, M.D., a family physician in Roseville, California.

  1. Create a list Before you go to your appointment, jot down four or fewer issues you'd like to discuss with your M.D. "Trying to address too many topics means you have less time to talk about each one," says Liu.

  2. Be specific "Instead of simply saying you feel tired, explain exactly what it feels like," says Liu. "Describing your symptoms accurately may prevent your doctor from having to run a number of tests and can help get the right diagnosis."

  3. Keep tabs on your tests Research shows that doctors remind their patients of important screening tests only about half of the time. Know what exams you need and bring them up with your physician during your visit.
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