“Get over it.” The trite advice seems easy, but it’s a struggle to put situations such as a brutal breakup, a backstabbing friend, or the loss of a loved one in the past. "When something has caused you real emotional pain, it can be extremely hard to move on," says Rachel Sussman, a relationship expert and author of The Breakup Bible. "These events can trigger larger psychological issues, which can take a long time to reconcile."

Tough as it can be to work through things, it’s worth it, for both your mental and physical health. "Holding on to negative emotions leads to chronic stress and depression, which studies have linked to weight gain, an increased risk of heart disease, and other serious health problems," says Cynthia Ackrill, M.D., a physician specializing in neuroscience and stress management.

So take a deep breath and get ready to let go of your emotional baggage. While overcoming a difficulty is a unique process and varies for everyone, these strategies can turn any bump in the road into an opportunity to grow.

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