Your doctor’s office should be one of the places you feel safest. After all, they can heal all your ailments and are generally someone you can trust, right? But what if your doc could be putting your personal information and records at risk? According to the Ponemon Institute's Third Annual National Study on Medical Identity Theft, an estimated average of 2 million Americans are victims of medical identity theft yearly.

“There are some things doctors are doing that violate HIPAA (patient privacy) laws and could be compromising your personal information,” says Dr. Michael Nusbaum, President and Founder of MedXCom, the leading Medical Records App for physicians. “If a doctor is texting other doctors about patients on his or her cell phone, speaking to patients on a cell phone in a public place, calling the pharmacy with your information on a cell phone or unsecure line, or doing Skype consultations with patients where anyone can walk into the room, these are all clear privacy violations,” Dr. Nusbaum says.

Here are his top tips for keeping your personal information safe and secure.

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