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The Newest Party Drug Is... Cacao?


It's the partier's creed: If something comes in powder form, someone is going to try snorting it in order to get high. But the latest thing people are inhaling and ingesting in search of the perfect buzz may surprise you. It's chocolate!

Wait, everyone's favorite dessert ingredient is now a party drug? In what is either an elaborate hoax or just the latest sign that humans can be super weird, Berlin insiders are reporting that kids are doing lines of raw cacao powder in dance clubs. It's even being served at events like Lucid as a way to help people dancing and happy all night long. (Did you know Dark Chocolate Could Give You An Edge At the Gym?)

But can you really get high from snorting cacao? Science is giving us a firm "maybe—wait, why are you asking?" on this one. Raw cacao powder—the kind straight from the bean, uncut with milk, sugar, or any of the flavorings that make it not taste like dirt—is a nutritional powerhouse. (Check out 5 Reasons Chocolate Is the Best Treat Ever.) Chocolate is a good source of endorphins, and it contains tryptophan, a micronutrient that increases dopamine. These two neurotransmitters are known as "the feel-good chemicals," which might explain the euphoria cacao snorters report. Cacao also has caffeine, a stimulant, and epicatechin, a chemical that improves blood flow to your brain and muscles, both of which could give you a little physical and emotional boost. There's a reason people have been eating and drinking chocolate for millenia, after all.

Plus, it's legal and—at face value—a lot better for you than other club drugs like Molly or cocaine.

None of this is to say, however, that snorting cacao powder is a good idea. We definitely do not endorse putting anything up your nose other than a tissue or your finger (and in the case of the latter, only when strictly necessary). At this time, there isn't any research showing the effects of snorting cacao—but there is plenty of science that backs eating in. So stick to getting your fix through cacao-dusted chocolate truffles, cacao smoothies, and dark chocolate bars with cacao nibs. (You can even Eat Chocolate at Every Meal with 6 Healthy Recipes.) We probably don't have to tell you that twice!


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