Reduce Stress on the Job

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5 ways to stay stress-free and healthy

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Reduce Stress on the Job

Grab a Snack
Another way to keep your hunger pangs and blood-sugar levels in check is snacking throughout the day. When your blood sugar gets too low, your body goes into survival mode. Stash some healthy snacks at your desk so you're not tempted by the vending machine. Keep in mind that a snack should be no more than 200 calories; a handful of nuts, a piece of fruit or nonfat yogurt are good options. By fortifying yourself with food, you'll have enough energy to cope with the day's stresses.

Cut Back on Caffeine and Alcohol
Many people reach for a latte to stay alert at work or unwind with a cocktail after a busy day. These substances only exacerbate your anxiety by releasing stress hormones. Your best bet is to replace your caffeine fix with a walk and hit the gym instead of happy hour.

Stretch It Out
Even if you're stuck in an epic meeting or tied to the phone with constant conference calls, you can still move your body. Hunching over a computer all day can take its toll, so do some stretches to release muscle tension. Reach forward to stretch your upper back and shoulder. To relieve tension from your neck, lift each ear away from the shoulders. Cross one foot over the opposite knee and lean forward slightly to stretch your hip and butt muscles.

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