While base jumpers have no problem putting their lives on the line to leap off of (super high) cliffs, many of us think asking out a cute stranger is too big of a risk. But attempting to protect ourselves from possible rejection, embarrassment, or whatever we fear can also make for a boring, unsatisfying life. Maybe a little gambling is all you need to turn a yawner lifestyle into a fun, fulfilling one.

Now’s the time to place your bets, says Jake Steinfeld, creator of the Body by Jake line of fitness equipment, and author of Take a Shot! A Remarkable Story of Perseverance, Friendship, and a Really Crazy Adventure (Hay House, 2012). One of his biggest risks—creating Major League Lacrosse during the ‘90s when most professional sports leagues were fledgling—paid off: The MLL is now in its twelfth season. The trainer believes there are many ways everyone can take chances—small or big—every day to improve their lives and be happier, less stressed, and maybe even a few pounds lighter. Start with these five wagers and be ready to cash in.

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